Frequently Asked Questions

MyHRFactor is an online electronic job board specializing in the interaction of job seekers and resources relevant to employer job postings.

Our unique search engine will analyze millions of data and finds the best people for your workplace culture. Job seekers will get access to many jobs from all over the Web and employers find talent for every type of position. You will have total flexibility.

Our marketplace reaches many candidates every month, across competitive industries.

Instead of spending endless hours trying to find “right fit” candidates, we provide the tools needed to locate top talent. You will spend less time searching for candidates and more time building employee, business relationships, partnerships while focusing more on your corporate strategy and workplace culture.

No matter what ATS you use, we can deliver candidates to you through our existing platforms or provide you a customized solution, giving you an effortless hiring experience.

Your budget depends on how many jobs you have, types of jobs, your industry and location. The budget you set will determine how many candidates see your jobs. We can assist you with creating your budget.

MyHRFactor’s network will include partner sites consisting of job boards, business information sites, career expert sites, publishers, blogs and search engines, ensuring your jobs reach the largest possible audience of candidates.

After a person clicks on your job, they are taken directly to the job description on the website.

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